IT Infrustructure Consulting Service

Telbon Communications provides organizations with guidance on planning, migrating and integrating IT infrastructure to best support both short and long term business objectives. The practice has evolved significantly over the last 20 years as technology has evolved at lightning speed.

What we offer:

  • Infrastructure Strategy: Assess current infrastructure to develop the right strategy.
  • Infrastructure Architecture: Design infrastructure architecture through technology relationship maps and service delivery modes.
  • Infrastructure Consolidation / Optimization: Evaluate infrastructure components – technology and solution, for consolidation and optimization.
  • Service Management: Design infrastructure related services aligning capabilities with requirements including service catalog, service level design, service performance measurement, and the service organization / roles.

Telbon delivers Data Center Consulting Services that can be customized to fit most of your needs and business requirements.

  • Cooling & Power Evaluation: Provides an excellent starting point for determining how to improve the capacity, availability and efficiency of your data center.
  • Condition & Capacity Assessment: Provides in-depth insight into your power, cooling and space utilization capacities using real-time monitoring solutions via a thorough on-site inspection.
  • Custom Data Center Services: If you have specific concerns that need to be addressed and need specific expertise to help ferret out the root cause of existing issues
  • Data Center Design: Whether you are building out a new data center or retrofitting an existing one, our data center design consulting service will help put all the checks and balances in place so you can be assured of the highest availability in an efficient space.



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