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What is MiCloud for Business?

The path to the cloud for business communications has never been clearer. Today, it’s about delivering the capabilities you need—wherever, however you need them. And that’s exactly what MiCloud does. It’s the pay-as-you-grow, cloud-based platform for all of your business communication needs. Cut hardware and I.T. costs. Free up resources. Gain new efficiencies. Leverage flexible deployment and migration. And most of all, enjoy a host of capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Features Include:
  • Enhanced Capabilities
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Reduce Cost
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Fixed Monthly Billing
  • Work From ANYWHERE

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Organize your networking systems and increase efficiency with Telbon wide range of cable ties, installation tools, cable markers and cable tie mounts. We offer group cables, color-coded shrink tubing and cable clips for easy identification and accessibility. Telbon Communications, Inc. is an expert in wiring infrastructures. Some of the wiring infrastructure solutions include:

Fiber Optic Cables

We provide a wide range of optical-fiber options so that our customers have the flexibility to choose a cable plant to best fit their needs. Only optical fiber that meets or exceeds industry standards is used to ensure quality products with best-in-class performance.

Category 5 Cables

Category 5 Cable, Cable Type OSP Broadband, Color Black, Brand or Series Megapic, Shielded Yes, No. of Pairs or Cond. 25 Pair, Jacket Material Sunlight and Weather Resistant Polyethylene, Length 5000 Ft, Put-Up Wooden Reel, Superior Essex Part No: 04-097-37

Category E

UTP Cable, Category Type 6, Class E, Length 1000 Ft., Jacket Color Blue, Brand or Series Panzone, TX6000, Cable Type UTP, Plenum, No. of Pairs or Cond. 4 Pair, Gauge 23 AWG, Jacket Type Flame Retardant PVC

Category 6

Category 6 Cable, Cable Type Plenum, F/UTP, Color Red, Brand or Series F/UTP, Shielded Yes, No. of Pairs or Cond. 4 Pair, Jacket Material Thermoplastic, Length 1000 Ft, Put-Up Reel, Mohawk Part No: M58181 SHIELD CAT6 PLENUM

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cable, Coax Conductor Copper/Aluminum, Insulation Jacket Polyethylene, Jacket Color Black, Put-Up Bulk Reel, Length 1000 Ft

Patch Cables

Patch Cord, Category Type 5E, Length 7 Ft., Jacket Color Blue, Brand or Series AT15 Series, Cable Type U/UTP Patch Cable, No. of Pairs or Cond. 4 Pair, 8 Conductor, Connector Type (1) RJ45 to (1) RJ45, Conductor Type Stranded Copper, Gauge 24 AWG, Jacket Type Non-Plenum CM Rated PVC, Color Clear Blue, Boot Color Clear, Wiring Straight Through, Wiring Configuration T568B