Organize your networking systems and increase efficiency with Telbon wide range of cable ties, installation tools, cable markers and cable tie mounts. We offer group cables, color-coded shrink tubing and cable clips for easy identification and accessibility. Telbon Communications, Inc. is an expert in wiring infrastructures. Some of the wiring infrastructure solutions include:

Fiber Optic Cables

We provide a wide range of optical-fiber options so that our customers have the flexibility to choose a cable plant to best fit their needs. Only optical fiber that meets or exceeds industry standards is used to ensure quality products with best-in-class performance.

Category 5 Cables

Category 5 Cable, Cable Type OSP Broadband, Color Black, Brand or Series Megapic, Shielded Yes, No. of Pairs or Cond. 25 Pair, Jacket Material Sunlight and Weather Resistant Polyethylene, Length 5000 Ft, Put-Up Wooden Reel, Superior Essex Part No: 04-097-37

Category E

UTP Cable, Category Type 6, Class E, Length 1000 Ft., Jacket Color Blue, Brand or Series Panzone, TX6000, Cable Type UTP, Plenum, No. of Pairs or Cond. 4 Pair, Gauge 23 AWG, Jacket Type Flame Retardant PVC

Category 6

Category 6 Cable, Cable Type Plenum, F/UTP, Color Red, Brand or Series F/UTP, Shielded Yes, No. of Pairs or Cond. 4 Pair, Jacket Material Thermoplastic, Length 1000 Ft, Put-Up Reel, Mohawk Part No: M58181 SHIELD CAT6 PLENUM

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cable, Coax Conductor Copper/Aluminum, Insulation Jacket Polyethylene, Jacket Color Black, Put-Up Bulk Reel, Length 1000 Ft

Patch Cables

Patch Cord, Category Type 5E, Length 7 Ft., Jacket Color Blue, Brand or Series AT15 Series, Cable Type U/UTP Patch Cable, No. of Pairs or Cond. 4 Pair, 8 Conductor, Connector Type (1) RJ45 to (1) RJ45, Conductor Type Stranded Copper, Gauge 24 AWG, Jacket Type Non-Plenum CM Rated PVC, Color Clear Blue, Boot Color Clear, Wiring Straight Through, Wiring Configuration T568B