Data Center Consulting

Telbon Communications has well over 20 years combined data center experience. With knowledge from integrated circuit design to Tier IV data center commissioning, our data center consultants understand not only facilities management but the unique requirements for today’s high-performance, high-density servers.

We can help you with a comprehensive strategy that drives real cost savings through carefully planned initiatives, or simply provide needed strategic consulting to help you develop the right strategy, plan, or approach to solve a specific challenge. Our technology services team consists of certified project managers and experienced engineers who will design and implement a solution that results in an optimized data center environment.

We at Telbon know that your data center is the heart of your company’s technological infrastructure. And just as a strong heart can empower you to do amazing things, a properly cabled data center can empower your business to grow by leaps and bounds. But the dark side, of course, lives in a data center that has allowed its cabling to fall into a tangled jumble of uncertain connections. These structured cabling disasters can hinder your company’s ability to grow, by hindering your company’s ability to process even the most basic level of data. Before going into the actual designing of the data center, we do a comprehensive benchmarking with the global data center standards then we proceed to the final design stage. Services we offer:

  • Global Best Practices in Efficient Design
  • Fire Protection methods in Data Center
  • Fundamentals of Cooling
  • Fundamentals of Power
  • Fundamentals of Physical Security
  • Cabling Strategies of Data Center
  • Data Center Management
  • Data Center Maintenance
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency
  • Best Practice Standards
  • Design Documents
  • Architectural
  • Structural Works
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Fire services
  • Security